Programs at Wilfred Hunt School


Wilfred Hunt School is a Kindergarten to Grade 8 school with 10 classrooms. Wilfred Hunt students and staff have access to the many supports and programs available in all Regina Public Schools – Learning Resource Teacher, Speech and Language Pathologist, School Counselor Services and Psychologists. We have a Student Support Team to support learning. We are a highly inclusive school with all staff focused on meeting the individual and group needs of their students.

Co- Curricular/Extra-Curricular Programs include, but are not limited to:

Student Leadership (Hunt Hornet Swarm)

Safety Patrol


  • Intramurals 
  • Cross Country
  • Volleyball
  • Basketball 
  • Track and Field
  • Sport Speed Stacking (cup stacking) 
  • Badminton

ACT! Anti-racism, cross-cultural youth leadership program

Musical Theatre

Keyboarding (typing)  


Non-School Diviision Programs:

Hunt also provides 2 classrooms to a Montessori program with Pre-school and Kindergarten. Sing-A-Rainbow Pre-School has one classroom in the school.