Our School

School History and Demographics

Wilfred Hunt School opened its doors in September of 1977 with 230 students from the University Park area of Regina. The school has a permanent centre core area consisting of an administrative wing, a gymnasium, a resource centre, and resource room. In addition, the school has the capability of adding and subtracting portable classrooms as student populations necessitates. The school has gone through many changes during its years of operation. It has had populations as high as 600 students to its current student enrollment of 280 students.

The students at Hunt originally came primarily from the University Park area of Regina.  As special programs became offered at Wilfred Hunt, children were transported from all parts of South and East Regina. Also, a number of families who have chosen to send their children to Hunt live out of area. These families drive their children to and from school each day. In the spring of 2008, Wilfred Walker School became a French Centre, and English program students had the opportunity to choose Wilfred Hunt as their school. In 2009, Wilfred Hunt School was designated school for the Gardiner Park area of Regina; thus, welcoming many new families to the Hunt community.

The community is 40 years old and many young, new families are moving into the area. The area is bordered by Pilot Butte Creek to the east, Arcola Drive to the north, Assiniboine Avenue to the South and the Ring Road to the West. It is a contained area complete with parks, single family homes, some apartments and a small strip mall.

School Programs and Services

Wilfred Hunt School has been able to adapt to changing trends and enrolments. It is a Kindergarten to Grade 8 school with 10 classrooms and a Structured Learning Classroom for students with intensive needs. Wilfred Hunt students and staff have access to the many supports and programs available in all Regina Public Schools – Teacher Librarian, Learning Resource Teacher, Speech and Language Pathologist, School Counselor Services and Psychologists. We have a Student Support Team that meets six times a year  to ensure student needs are being met. We are a highly inclusive school with all staff focused on meeting the individual and group needs of their students.

Hunt also provides two classrooms to a Montessori program with Pre-school and Kindergarten children. Sing-A-Rainbow Pre-School has one classroom in the school, and Gardiner Park Child Care Inc. operates a Before and After School program in one of our classrooms.

School Governance Structure

Wilfred Hunt School has a principal, vice principal, a student council and a School Community Council (SCC). The SCC is elected at the AGM in the fall of each school year.  There are many parents, the principal, vice principal, and a staff member on the council at present. The SCC supports the learning program, the school facility and student activities.

We are known as "The Small School with a Big Heart!" and exemplify that motto through our actions and as reflected in our School Division's shared values.