Wilfred Hunt School Community Council

What is the SCC?

We're a group of parents whose children attend Wilfred Hunt School.  We meet with staff every month to stay up to date on school activities, discuss ways to support our school, run events and fund special projects happening in classrooms.

The Wilfred Hunt School Community Council (WHSCC) would like to ask you to consider becoming a part of our board.  It's an excellent way to meet parents of kids in other grades.  You won't regret it - it's fun, rewarding and a minimal time commitment!

If you are interested in joining, have questions or would like more information please contact: communications@wilfredhuntscc.ca or join us at a meeting. 

Join the Wilfred Hunt School Community Council email communication list to stay up-to-date on school community news and events! If you do not currently receive emails from WHSCC Communications, then you can sign up today! Already have an email from us in your inbox? No need to update. 


Meeting times are 6:30 p.m. on the following days: September 4th, 2024; October 2nd, 2024 (AGM); November 6th, 2024; December 4th, 2024; January 8th, 2025; February 5th, 2025; March 5th, 2025; April 2nd, 2025; May 7th, 2025; June 4th, 2025.

Thank you!

Wilfred Hunt School Community Council