September 2 Newsletter from Wilfred Hunt

September 2, 2022

Welcome to a new school year at Wilfred Hunt! Our staff has spent significant time preparing for our students and families and we are pleased to be starting school in a more “typical” way after the last two years. Thank you to our families for assisting with a smooth transition to the back to school routine and rigor.

A special welcome to new families joining our school community. We are proud to be the small school with the big heart and are positive you will be happy here. We also have some new faces on our school staff for the 2022-23 school year. We look forward to working together to have a positive and productive year!

Wilfred Hunt School Team

Kindergarten                                                                Mrs. Jill Henry

Grade 1/2                                                                    Mrs. Sidni Brock

Grade 1/2                                                                   Ms. Abby Rudichuk

Grade 2/3                                                                    Mrs. Lara Ewert-Molesky

Grade 3                                                                        Ms. Kelsey Gullickson

Grade 4/5                                                                    Ms. Nicole Duell & Ms. Samantha Froude(Intern)

Grade 4/5                                                                    Ms. Laura Radford & Ms. Jenna Jelinski (Intern)

Grade 5/6                                                                    Mrs. Danielle Hackel & Mme. Andrea Hoffman

Grade 6/7                                                                    Mr. Brayden Frank                         

Grade 7/8                                                                    Mrs. Shauna Drackett

Grade7/ 8                                                                    Mr. Benjamin Goby

Junior SLC                                                                     Mrs. Rashida Mazhar

Specialist                                                                      Ms. Joelle Carteri-Balaski

Specialist                                                                      Ms. Katelyn Crawford

Specialist                                                                      Ms. Stefanie Giroux

Specialist & VP Release                                              Mme. Andrea Hoffman

Specialist (SLC)                                                            Mr. Ian Mulholland

Learning Resource Teacher                                       Mrs. Sandy Doering

Teacher Librarian/Specialist                                       Ms. Elann McChesney                  

EAL                                                                                Ms. Karen Dermody

Band                                                                             Mr. Scott Adelman & Ms. Tanya Tazzioli    

General Hospital APU & Home Tutorial                     Mr. Richie Wade-Cummings

General Hospital Pediatric Unit                                 Mrs. Heather Lewis

Wascana Rehab. Centre                                           TBD

Educational Assistant – WRC/Hunt                            Mrs. Janet Davies

Educational Assistant - SLC                                        Mr. Darrell Levesque

Educational Assistant - SLC                                        Mrs. Jenny Taylor

Educational Assistant                                                  Ms. Sunzida Ahmed

Educational Assistant                                                  Mrs. Trisha Anderson

Educational Assistant                                                  Ms. Terri-Don Walkington

Educational Assistant                                                  Ms. Heather Watt

Head Facility Operator                                               Mr. Emerson Yuzik

Evening Facility Operator                                           Mrs. Socorro Bermudez

Administrative Assistant                                              Mrs. Joette Baber

Vice Principal                                                               Mrs. Danielle Hackel

Principal                                                                        Mrs. Kyla Adams

Student Achievement Team:

Superintendent                                                            Mrs. Lois Herridge                                         

Counsellor                                                                    Mr. Dane Pennett

Educational Psychologist                                           Mrs. Joanne Leitner

Speech/Language Pathologist                                 Ms. Christine Bolen

School Board Trustee                                                  Mr. Ted Jaleta

Additional School Resources:

Public Health Nurse                                                     Ms. Della Friesen                            

School Resource Officer                                            Cst. Brad Young


A few important reminders:

  • School day times have changed:

                        8:35 - 8:50 - Morning Recess

                          8:50 - 11:45 - Morning Classes (Recess 10:30-10:45)

11:45 - 12:45 - Lunch (Recess 12:30-12:45)

12:30 - 3:40 - Afternoon Classes  (Recess 2:15 - 2:30)

  • To ensure the safety of our students we need families to ensure they are using the appropriate drop off zones for their children.  In addition, please remember school zones are 30 km/hour and there are no U-turns in front of our school zones. The street is clearly marked where you are allowed to stop and park, in addition, the staff parking lot is not a safe place to drop off your children. Please do not use the staff parking lot
  • Visitors should check in at the main office upon arrival.
  • Families are encouraged to use Edsby as their main form of communication with the school.
  • Please consider signing up for a SchoolCash account if you haven’t already. Soon, student fees for agendas, field trips, lunchroom, etc will be added to accounts.
  • Extra-curricular activities are back! Stay tuned for more information on Cross Country Running.  
  • Our amazing SCC will be having their first meeting of the school year on Wednesday, September 7 @ 6:30pm in our Staff Room. Please contact the school or WHSCC Communications for more information.
  • SAVE THE DATE – our Open House/SCC Event is scheduled for Tuesday, September 20 from 4:30-6:00. More information to follow.
  • Orange Shirt Day will be recognized on Thursday, September 29th. During that week, the staff and students will be involved in several activities. Please note there is NO SCHOOL on Friday, September 30. It is a day to acknowledge Canada's colonial history and the legacy of residential schools.
  • Mark your calendars - Conference Day for parents and teachers is Friday, November 18. There is no school for students that day.


Thank you for working together, with us, for the success of your student(s)! As always if you have any questions or concerns, we are an email or phone call away. 2022-23 will be the best year yet!