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May 24th


-Inquiry report due today!

- Book report due no later than Friday!

- Family literacy day on May 30th 6:50- 7:10 p.m.

Health- Complete 'My Heroes.'

Band- Band tour tomorrow. Meet at the Riddell centre at 8:30 a.m.

May 23rd

Literacy- Time was spent working on inquiry reports today (great work to those who have been working so hard!) Time will be given tommorrow to share reports if needed and begin working on presentations.

*Report due tomorrow (please proof read before sharing!) This should also include a separate biography page (within the same document.) See handout for examples of how to cite resources.

*Presentation due June 2nd.

* Book report poster due no later than Friday.

Science- We started the Solar System unit!


May 17th

Band- No full band tomorrow!

Literacy- We worked on our inquiry reports today.

- Special lunch tomorrow.


May 16th


- Inquiry report due May 24th. Include 3 paragraphs plus introduction and conclusion.

Encyclopedia Britannica is a great/reliable resource for information. Class time given on May 16,17,18, 23, 24 for report. Additional class time will be given to work on presentation.

- Book report summary due May 25th.

Band- Sectionals tomorrow


May 15th

Math- We began Unit 8 Transformations today, no homework.

Health- Complete 'Becoming more responsible."

Career Ed.- Catherine's Story questions #1-3

Literacy- T.E. Vocab. and Ch.24 questions due.

-Inquiry written report due May 24th, presentation due June 2nd. Students are welcome to work at home in addition to their in class work time. They are required to work independently on this assignment and show evidence of their working ability in class.

- Book report assignment due May 26th, we will sign out books tomorrow and recieve assignment on Wednesday. (Read at school and at home!)

  • No school for students May 19th-22nd
  • Special lunch on Thursday.


May 11th

Math- Unit 7 review due tomorrow, Test tomorrow.

French- Clothing booklet due tomorrow.

May 10th

Math- Unit 7 review due Friday. Test on Friday.

Literacy-  Tuck Everlasting Ch. 22-23 questions and paragraph.

Career Ed.- P. 3 Discovery in Careers for life text.

Band- Full band tomorrow

Vis. Art- Totem pole design due tomorrow.

- Special lunch on May 18th. Fill out form by Friday!


May 9th

Math- Unit 7 lesson 7 due.
Unit 7 review #1-8 due Friday.
Unit 7 test on Friday.

Arts Ed.- Practicing dance.

Visual Art- Totem pole design due Thurs.

Band- Sectionals tomorrow


May 8th

Math- We will do the Unit 7 lesson 7 assignment and begin the review tomorrow. Test on Friday!

Literacy- Tuck Everlasting Chapter 21 questions due including vocab. matching. Complete any literary skills up to ch. 21.

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