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March 22nd

Band- Optimist band festival tomorrow. Bring: water, lunch, instrument, and black clothes.

- reed players bring extra reed, valve players bring valve oil.

Badminton- Today and tomorrow after school.

- No school Fri.

March 21st

Literacy- T.E. Personification (1 example,) Simile #1,2,3, Metaphores #1, Vocab. page 1/ Ch. 6 vocab., Ch. 6 questions.

Band- Full band tomorrow

- No school Friday!

March 20th

Math- Unit 6, lesson 8 

Band- Sectionals tomorrow, band festival on Thurs., bring a lunch!

3- way conferences are on Friday (no school.)

March 15th

- 3- way conference letter in agenda pocket.
- No school Thurs. and Fri.

- We checked our leprechaun traps with our buddies today!

Math- Unit 6, lesson 7 assignment page due.

Social Studies-  Current event due if not complete.


March 14th

Social- Knowing our News current event due.

Math- Unit 6 lesson 7 p,229 #1, a-d, 3, a-b, 5, 6. b-c, 7. a, 9.

- Green wear day tomorrow!
- Dance tomorrow afternoon at 1:30. (There will be a canteen and TCBY sales.)

- No school Thurs. and Fri.

Happy Pi day!!!

March 10th

Health- Complete all assignments up to 'What I value" (B-29.)

Band- Full band Monday.



March 9th

We participated in the Rocks and Rings activity today!

Band- Sectionals tomorrow.

March 8th

Math- Unit 6 lesson 4 including stretch your thinking due.

Literacy- All comprehension questions and vocab. should be completed up to chapter 5.

* Bring any materials needed for Leprechaun traps.


March 7th

Literacy- Review paragraph ch. 1-3. Ch. 5 questions.

Math- Unit 6 lesson 3 assignment page.

Arts. Ed.- Code hint review.

* Bring change of clothes if needed for phys. ed.

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