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April 25th

  • Literacy- Tuck Everlasting Ch. 15 questions only, Ch. 15-17 vocab., as well as letter to Miles due.
  • Band- Sectionals tomorrow.
  • Badminton practice at lunch tomorrow, singles game after school @ Harvest City school.

April 24th

Welcome back!

  • Math- Unit 7 lesson 2 due.
  • Literacy- Tuck Everlasting chapter 13 and 14 questions due as well as "Dig Deeper ch. 11-13" paragraph.
  • Library books due tomorrow.


April 13th

Math- Unit 7 lesson 1 assignment due.

Literacy- T.E. Chapter 12 reading and questions due.

Bob Boyer art due.

  • School resumes April 24th

April 12th

Math- We started unit 7 today.

  • Decade day tomorrow, pick a decade and dress up!
  • TCBY sales tomorrow.
  • Badminton game tonight, and practice tomorrow
  • No school April 14th-21st.

April 11th

Literacy- Complete Tuck Everlasting ch. 9-11 vocabulary. Write 'Captive!' letter as Winnie Foster, have a family member edit it, due tomorrow.

Band- Full band tomorrow.

Visual Art- Complete Bob Boyer inspired art.

  • Badminton tomorrow at lunch, and singles game after school.



April 10th

Math- Unit 7 key word definitions due.

Band- Sectionals tomorrow

  • Decade days on Thurs. Note in pocket of agenda.
  • No school April 14th-21st.



April 7th

Math- We are beginning unit 7. Unit 6 test handed back today.

Health- Changing places due #1-7.

  • Decade day April 13th. Pick a decade and dress up!
  • No school next Friday.

April 6th

Math- Cummulative review units 1-6 due.
Literacy- T.E. ch. 11 vocab., questions, and applicable literary skills.

  •  Special lunch tomorrow!
  •  Speed stacking tournament today!


April 4th

Literacy- T.E. Ch. 10, vocab., questions and paragraph question.

Social- p. 24-28 questions due.

Band- Full band tomorrow


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